The Common Circles Traveling Experience

The Common Circles traveling experience will take place in a double-wide, expandable trailer that will travel to schools, corporations, municipal offices, community centers, and public venues across the country.

Using proven techniques to reduce bias, visitors will explore their own identities as well as the identities of others. When we have a better understanding of the many layers that contribute to making us who we are as individuals, we are more receptive to learning about others, being more accepting, and feeling more empathy.

Groundbreaking, state-of-the-art technologies and immersive experiences will propel storytelling to the next level by placing visitors in the shoes of others, allowing them to exchange their own personal lenses, with which they view the world, for the lenses of others. This innovative laboratory will improve inter-group relations in school, at work, and in our neighborhoods by providing a completely new way for groups and communities to engage with each other.

Step into the shoes of others

The Common Circles App

The Common Circles App will help people connect constructively across differences and be better able to recognize and acknowledge our shared humanity.

We are partnering with equity and inclusion experts, tech professionals, teachers, and high school students from disparate neighborhoods to plan, design, and build an app that will combine technology with proven psychology techniques that increase empathy, reduce bias, and encourage people to come together in a unique and unexpected way. This collaborative process will empower the students and provide them with the knowledge to use technology for good, creating a meaningful app to address issues of identity and unconscious bias. Once built, the app will be tested and then integrated into curriculum in classrooms and workplaces in St. Louis and throughout the country.

Combine technology with proven techniques

The Common Circles Interactive Art Experience

Common Circles is developing a small prototype from the above-described experience, a community art module, specifically designed for educational communities and youth-based organizations (middle school, high school, and college students, faculty, administrators and staff). Using cutting-edge technology and proven techniques for reducing bias, the Common Circles Interactive Art Experience will engage participants through emotional and educational videos and interactive photo-capturing devices that will encourage identity exploration and culminate in a large cycling video wall that will provide some unexpected insights to challenge preconceptions. The purpose of this experience is to inspire greater cohesion and harmony — to help people engage constructively across differences and to be better able to recognize and acknowledge our shared humanity. The Interactive Art Experience will help participants consider one another’s personalities and perspectives in a more layered and nuanced way.

We are working with a team of leading researchers to test this interactive art module. Their analysis will generate findings which will be disseminated publicly.

Inspire greater cohesion and harmony

The goal is for students, teachers, families, individuals, businesses and institutions — all people across all generations — to leave with the tools needed to transform old destructive behavior based on fear and bias into thoughtful and authentic empathy and positive action. Common Circles will be a place where technology meets people and people meet people, opening minds and inspiring individuals to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of others.