A rising tide of intolerance and disrespect is sweeping our communities and negatively affecting our relationships and connections with one another.

More than ever, paradigms of “us and them” are dividing our neighborhoods and instilling fear and distrust among different groups of people. When we do mix, we enter conversations through our own lenses and experiences. It is challenging to engage in healthy and respectful conversations with people who have different views and backgrounds.


Implicit Bias

Educators and social scientists agree that implicit or unconscious bias exists in ALL OF US.

We are unaware of it, it happens outside of our control, and it can be harmful. However, proven methods to break down impicit bias do exist. The Common Circles experience utilizes extensive academic research in combination with cutting-edge technologies to increase empathy and reduce bias.

The Impact

The Common Circles experience will travel nationwide in order to maximize its impact. An independent feasibility study estimates that in its first year, Common Circles can…
…reach 150,000 visitors
…generate more than 75 million media impressions

The reach will expand considerably in future years through cloned and online versions.

The estimated earned media value for the traveling experience during its initial year of operation is estimated to exceed $2.3 million.

Common Circles is empowering youth by developing the experience with their guidance and will be connecting visitors with organizations in their own communities so that they can engage in further programming and work collaboratively to forge a more respectful, inclusive and equitable 21st century.

Photos by Bayeté Ross Smith