About Common Circles

Common Circles is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in our world by creating research-based interactive experiences that combine techniques from psychology with cutting-edge technology, the arts, and storytelling to improve intergroup relations, increase empathy, reduce antisemitism and bias, and encourage changed behaviors in our communities. Our team includes highly regarded experts in the field who work against bias, antisemitism, and intolerance.

Our Team

Marla Felton headshot


Marla Felton

Former attorney &
Common Circles
Executive Director

Sue Spiegel headshot

Creative Director

Sue Spiegel

Television & film
producer with more than
25 years of experience

Bayeté headshot

Bayeté Ross Smith

multimedia artist
& filmmaker

Bayeté headshot

USC Shoah Foundation

Leading Change
Through 55,000+
Video Testimonies

Gregg Felton headshot

Gregg Felton

Managing Partner
Altus Power
America Management

Alan Marcus headshot

Alan Marcus, PhD

Education &
Research Specialist
& Professor

Sara Brown headshot

Sara E. Brown PhD

& Author

Katy Griffith headshot

Katy Griffith


Researcher &
Doctoral Student

501creative logo


Marketing &
Design Communications
for Non-Profits

Empire Display Solutions logo

Empire Display Solutions

Trade Show
Display Design &

Hart New York logo

Hart New York

Trade Show
Display Design &

Sara Brown headshot

Ellen Berger

City of White Plains
District Leader &



Advisory Council

We would like to acknowledge our appreciation for the wisdom and guidance we have received from both prior and current Advisory Board members who have generously committed time and leadership since our inception.

Karen Aroesty headshot

Karen Aroesty

Regional Director
Anti-Defamation League
Missouri/Southern Illinois

Dr. Kira Hudson Banks headshot

Dr. Kira Hudson Banks

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Saint Louis University

Kwofe Coleman headshot

Kwofe Coleman

The Muny

Tabari Coleman headshot

Tabari Coleman

Director of Professional Development
Anti-Defamation League
Greater St. Louis, Missouri Area

Tonya Edmond headshot

Tonya Edmond

Associate Dean for Diversity
& Associate Professor
Washington University

Flint Fowler headshot

Flint W. Fowler

President of the
Boys & Girls Clubs of
Greater St. Louis

John Gerner headshot

John Gerner

Managing Director
Leisure Business
Advisors LLC

Laurna Godwin headshot

Laurna Godwin


Dr. Holly Hick headshot

Dr. Holly Hick

High School
St. Louis, Missouri

Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity logo

Richard Kim

Partner at
Wachtell, Lipton,
Rosen & Katz
Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity logo

Kirwan Institute

National leader
in research
on implicit bias

Mary McMurtrey headshot

Mary McMurtrey

Financial Advisor
the McMurtrey Financial Group
at RBC Wealth Management

Katrina Peoples headshot

Katrina Peoples

Chief Program Officer
Epworth Children
and Family Services

Dr. Stephen Radinsky headshot

Dr. Stephen Radinsky


Marc Skvirsky headshot

Marc Skvirsky

Vice President for
Special Initiatives
Facing History and Ourselves

Michael Staenberg headshot

Michael Staenberg

Founder &
The Staenberg Group

Nicki Thomson headshot

Nicki Thomson

Research Analyst
Research & Learning Department
Wyman Center


Contact Us

Common Circles creates innovative and unprecedented interactive experiences that provide completely new ways for groups and communities to engage with each other. We invite organizations, institutions, businesses, schools, and individuals that are interested in promoting thoughtful action to join us in this cooperative endeavor. We welcome collaboration and new ideas on our current projects and are available to consult on yours.

To learn more about our experiences and how you or your organization can be involved, or for information about how to make a donation, please email info@commoncircles.org.